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Am I the Expert Yet?

October 13, 2008

This one supposed to be posted in our new blog only. I want to keep all our Skype articles at here and the HD entertainment related articles at the new blog. However, I can never make the Google Analytics work there. Before that happens, I’ll put our HD articles at here, too.

My name is Howard Chang. I work for an online e-commerce store called We sell Skype products and accessories.

In the middle of this year, I was assigned to open an HD entertainment category for our store. However, I was not familiar with this category until that point. I didn’t own a big screen TV or a Bluray disc player and had no experience in setting up home theater equipment. I needed to dedicate a lot of time to study the terms and technologies related to this industry.

After months of preparation and several visits to vendors in China, we have decided to start a new HD category, stemming from the Digital Media Streamer related products. The reason is very simple. First, we don’t want to get into direct competition with the big guys, such as BestBuy or on the popular and commodity type products, such as LCD TVs, at the beginning. Besides, we are from the computer industry. The major feature of the media streamer is to enable users to playback their digital contents stored in their computers on a big screen TV. If we start with this category, we at least are starting with something we are familiar with.

Eventually, we will become the experts in the HD entertainment industry. This is essential in order for our new category to survive. We think this can also be a fun journey and we want to record what happens throughout. Hopefully someday this blog will offer help to another individual who decides to equip himself with the knowledge about the HD entertainment industry.

We have created a community at Come visit us and enjoy the better community interactive functions at there.

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