Skype Help on Video Session #2 – Log-in Multi Skype Accounts

In the below Youtube file you will see our “How to Log-in Multi Skype Accounts at one Win XP Machine” video clip.

The full script is at Here.

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7 Responses to “Skype Help on Video Session #2 – Log-in Multi Skype Accounts”

  1. jan geirnaert Says:

    good one. amazing that skype has not automated or integrated this yet in their interface…

    i’ll regurgitate this on

  2. amperordirect Says:

    Hello Jan

    Long time no talk. Thanks for the good words. I’ll pass your words to our new sales lady. She should be happy hearing your comments!

    Best Regards
    Howard Chang

  3. Nafcom Says:

    There is actually somethiing very important the video leaves out! If you use multi-user account login with more than 2 Skype accounts most likely some will not ring! Especially when SKype on Devices is involved, some instances are just locked thanks to the fact that multi-user account login is buggy yet and this is not a secret but can be well read on the Skype forums and I can confirm this by my tests I made over here, too! 😦

  4. johnboscomaria Says:


  5. John Says:

    Thanks, useful material. Has added your blog in bookmarks.

  6. rana Says:

    im realy happy

  7. rana Says:

    im happy

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