Skype Help on Video Session #1

In the below Youtube Clip you will see our “Fax Via Skype” video clip generated by our new sales lady.

The full script is at Here.

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3 Responses to “Skype Help on Video Session #1”

  1. Nafcom Says:

    First of all: Yeah! The blog is back!!! Can’t believe it, I missed it sooo much! =)

    About the video: Well done: However be informed (I work for an ISP): faxing over voip is a general problem. Once T38 is supported (but the fax machines on both sides have to support it too then), it will even work over VoIP.

  2. amperordirect Says:

    Thanks, Nafcom…:)
    How are you doing in your job?
    I’ll google the T38 and study it.

  3. Nafcom Says:

    @amperordirect : Very good actually, thanks! You can check that on my linked in profile

    You are welcome!

    T38 is an interesting topic!

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