Good Skype Introduction Article

Through the tag surfer function at wordpress, I found this excellent introduction article about Skype. Read it if you are still sitting on the fence and cannot decide if you want to give Skype a try. It brought back the exciting feeling I had when I first converted to Skype. “I can call A, B, and C for free!” “I can do this and this with this new gadget!” It’s like having a whole new world to conquer…..

Good Job, Smmellott.


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One Response to “Good Skype Introduction Article”

  1. smmellott Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the link to my post! I always like it when someone thinks something I’ve written is useful to them or others.

    Hey, I was wondering if you could change the link to my post to point to my current/new blog at I have all my older posts there and am only updating that blog now. And I can’t guarantee that my old blog will stay around but I think this is a good post and it is on my current blog.

    Here is the link: this is the same post but on my current blog.

    Thanks so much!
    Susan Mellott

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