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SMC + FON = Skype WiFi Heaven (or as close as it can be, right now)

March 8, 2007

Marco here with AmperorDirect…. Howard has kindly let me hi-jack his blog for a post about the SMC Skype WiFi phone and FON network. He asked me to let you guys know that this wasn’t him posting… something about not wanting to try to live up to my ungodly good humor or devilish good looks…

This is my first blog post so, if a link or two does not work, please blame Howard for being busy getting ready to show off the Voltz Kit (google it) to the music world! If you are in the music industry, you will be glad you took couple seconds to find out about the Voltz kits.

Alright, enough plugs… Lets get started. The biggest complaint about Skype WiFi phones is the inability to login using any type of browser authentication… don’t get me started about why this is… lets just say it is not a technological hurdle…

Well, SMC has not added an internal browser to their phone — better stated, they have not yet been allowed to… but they have teamed up with the FON network for hotspot access. This is not new news, you say? Ahh huh! But it is semi-new news with a twist… (is it diggable, I ask?)

FON is currently offering free WiFi routers for anyone living ‘close’ to a cafe. Throw in the fact that the SMC has a firmware update that allows free FON access (and bug fixes), and you have a newsworthy event!

Here is what you need:

1) SMC WiFi Phone (I will follow the rules and not link this to our retail website… but two words ‘FREE SKIN!’)


3) Register with FON and sign up for the free WiFi Router

That is it… the SMC WiFi Phone now has breath outside the home! Nice going SMC and FON and thanks Howard for the blog space.

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