I’m back + Animator_Vs_Animation_2

I’ve been super busy with the construction of our new site: http://www.amperormusic.com, and our new product line: Voltz Guitar Effect Pedal Board Power Supply. Finally, most of the tasks on the list have been completed. Now, I can get back to work on the VOIP side. I know I owe you guys some test results on the new Skype embedded phones, and some replys on the comments. I’ll try to catch up as fast as I can.

Here is a super cool flash clip I found on Internet. It’s like the matrix + Kong Fu. Remember to hit the “Play” tab on the center of the screen after it is loaded. Have FUN!!!


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One Response to “I’m back + Animator_Vs_Animation_2”

  1. servicios vozip Says:

    Interesante . Aprendo algo con cada sito web todos los días. Siempre es estimulante poder disfrutar el contenido de otros escritores. Me gustaría usar algo de tu articulo en mi web, naturalmente pondré un enlace , si me lo permites. Gracias por compartir.

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