RTX Skype PC-Less Dualphone 3088 – Review Part I

(Scroll down to the bottom to see the Youtube video review clip)

RTX Dualphone 3088

Last week, we received our next generation embedded PC-less Skype dualphone sample. It is from one of the established Skype phone providers, RTX. The ‘generic’ non-OEM model name is Dualphone 3088. As advertised, Dualphone 3088 can make both landline and Skype calls, in one unit, without any interaction with your PC. I’m going to give it a try this week, and will probably publish the rest of my review before Christmas. So, be sure to bookmark this page and comeback to check on us later.

In Dualphone 3088 retailer box

Let’s first go over the items come with-in the retailer package.

Base Station: The base station of Dualphone 3088 is a flat squared box. It is actually a strip-down PC and has the capability to handle the Skype related tasks, such as creating new Skype accounts, conducting Skype calls, and displaying Skype contacts. At the back of the base station, you can see the interface ports. There is a RJ11 port for the telephone line, and a RJ45 port for the Ethernet cable. The Dualphone 3088 system connects to the rest of the world through these ports.

Recharging Cradle: A Dualphone 3088 handset recharging cradle is provided. With the cradle separated from the base station, it is easy to put the handset at where you use it most (such as living room), and keep the base station at the place you have a corded Internet connection available (such as your study room).

Handset: Comparing with its predecessor, Dualphone 3088 handset is upgraded with a crystal clear, wide viewing angle, colored LCD display. The design of the human interface buttons, such as the navigation and the number pads, is very similar to a standard cordless phone. There should be no problem for average users to learn to use the handset. Besides, the handset used DECT technology to communicate with the base station. It can reduce the chance for the phone to interface with your WiFi network.

Accessories: The Dualphone 3088 includes a great number of quality accessories. There is a network cable, a telephone cable, a belt-clip for the handset, and a power AC adapter for the base station. (Just one quick note to RTX: why not use the same wallwart for the base station and the recharging unit? It might simplify the production process.)

User Manual: Don’t get overwhelmed by the 401 pages Dualphone 3088 manual. It covers 12 languages in one book. Therefore, you only need to go over around 30 pages in your own language. Although I know it’s a good habit to read the instruction before powering up the device, Dualphone 3088 is so easy to use that you might even not need to read that 30+ pages.

Rechargeable batteries: As Stephen Pinches states in his SkypeGear blog, using standardized AAA batteries is a good idea. This means easy and cheap replacement if you need to change the battery.

Super Easy Installation Process

The other test results, such as the sound quality and the comparison between a Skype WiFi phone and Dualphone 3088, will be published soon. Before I wrap up today’s review, I want to show you the amazingly easy installation process of Dualphone 3088. For the first time usage, after hooking up both telephone and Ethernet connections, you need to enter your personal settings, including language, country and area code selections, and create or sign in for a Skype account. The base station will grab your contacts setting and you are ready to rock on! See the pre-recorded video clip for the demonstration.

Not in US Yet

AmperorDirect is in the process of bringing this fantastic Skype gadget to the US market. According to our source in RTX, they are not going to ship this phone to the US market with their own brand name. A big name consumer electronics company will OEM the phone from RTX and release to the US market. We will update our progress here and also on our website frequently. Keep in touch.

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18 Responses to “RTX Skype PC-Less Dualphone 3088 – Review Part I”

  1. Nafcom Says:

    A very nice review, hope part 2 is coming soon. Is RTX going to be more nicer regarding headset compatibility with this phone? You know the old dualphone… I needed MONTHS to get the info which headsets work and this was an effort of Sennheiser, ipguide and the old RTX Product Manager. It was a hell of an effort, because not all headsets work!

  2. Nenad Says:

    Very interesting product! When is the second part of your review coming?
    Any news on phone’s availablity in the US? Is there anything preventing me from using it in US if I would purchase it in Europe?

  3. ricardo Says:

    I want this phone! .. keep us updated on bringing it to the US.

    Also i am considering just buying it from a UK site and getting teh required adapters to run it on a US power plug ..

  4. amperordirect Says:


    It is official that this phone will release under the GE name. The look will be different, but, the basic functions will be the same. It will be released in May this year. I’ll update the progress at here.

  5. Edwin Says:

    Hi and thanks for the review. My main concerns is the voice quality of skype with this phone. I am now having their previous model, the 2 in 1 skype usb phone. The voice quality is superb. I am a little concern of how this model’s sound quality. Is it the same as the usb model? We use to try a linksys cit300 dual phone but the voice quality is lousy. What are your comments? Please reply. Thanks.

  6. GE Skype DECT Phone 28310EE1 Product Review - Part I « AmperorDirect.com Says:

    […] to market sources, this phone uses the same design blueprint as RTX’s Skype Dect Phone 3088. Therefore, for the RTX Dualphone fans in US, your wait to upgrade to the PC-Less Skype phone […]

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