SMC Skype WiFi Phone – It’s here, and it’s gone

The long-waited SMC Skype WiFi phone has arrived here at, on 9/21. There was a one day delay according to our original plan. However, it is understandable that SMC wanted to double check on their first shipment to make sure the phones shipped with the latest firmware. Anyway, the Skype WiFi phones are here!

(There are several layers of phones in the box. We received more than 2 phones!)

The question is, how long will the first shipment stay in our office? The answer is: less than 24 Hours. We are glad to be able to supply those who cannot wait to own this latest and cool gadget. We have shipped the SMC Skype WiFi phones to Italy, Australia, German, Japan, and Canada. The feeling of being able to help people all around the world is GOOD.

I want to use this chance to thank our shipping coordinator, Sheila, who refused to let me take her picture. She works so hard to ship things out FAST! Usually, all the orders can be processed and out in 24Hrs, within good / strong package. That’s why we can build up our reputation as a fast shipper. See our feedbacks at eBay.

BTW, don’t worry about inventory… We received our second batch of phones, today. You still have a reliable source of the SMC Skype WiFi phones.

Click to see the SMC Skype WiFi phones review

Click to see the History of the SMC Skype WiFi phones

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3 Responses to “SMC Skype WiFi Phone – It’s here, and it’s gone”

  1. Glauber Says:

    I think i bought one of the phones from the first shipment. Amperor’s customer service was excellent. They called me to inform that the phone would be a day late in shipping due to a required firmware update. I received mine on 9/22.

  2. Wilco Says:

    Hey there

    Thanks for this great post it was just the missing info that i needed for my study

    I have bookmarked your site in the hope that you will bring more of this great stuff to the table


    Wilco Breens

  3. bill Says:

    totally agree

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