Still Not the Time to Move Beyond Skype WiFi Phone

Hi Jim,

Here is the response to your recent post, “Wireless is not Cordless…”, on the SkypeJournal. It will be great if you can allow, or should I say, make it easier for readers like me to leave comments to your posts, on SkypeJournal.

I think we agree on most issues except maybe the most important: Skype and hardware developers should NOT stop development and improvement of the first generation Skype WiFi solution phones.

Assuming that Skype and their 3rd party developers are currently working on full web authentications and longer battery life, why would they need, as you state, “… focus their efforts on getting Skype incorporated into those other wireless platforms?”

As mentioned earlier, even with its current blemishes, the first generation WiFi phone solves a major hurdle – not having to have a computer on to make Skype calls. Further, the SMC WiFi phone we tested was beyond easy to use – which will help the non-computer savvy market. All that was needed to get the WiFi phone to work was turn it on, let it find the network, enter network key, and login. As you know, since you tested this or similar unit, it is that simple. The above features offer consumers a tremendous value. Why would anyone advocate throwing these advances away?

In regards to my parents and the ‘embedded phones’ you saw at VON, I am excited that more choices are on their way. As we understand it, ‘embedded phone’ manufacturers are hoping for a holiday release but more likely first quarter in 2007 – about 3-4 months behind WiFi.

We here at AmperorDirect are eagerly waiting to test the Philips (among others) PC-less dual phone. We think it will also be a product that consumers will demand. Having said that, we also hope that the Philips VoIP481 is better in overall quality than the Philips VoIP321. We had a chance to test the Philips VoIP321 (see here) and well, to say the least, we were unimpressed. At any rate, we will look out for your review and maybe even spend a bit of time reviewing it ourselves… 😉

There will be an abundant amount of articles and content written about the upcoming WiFi vs. Embedded choices faced by consumers – but that choice will probably have to wait till early 2007. If consumers want to turn off the computer and still use Skype, their only choice now is the Skype Certified WiFi phones.


Howard Chang @

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