Happy Third Birthday Skype!

Happy Third Birthday Skype!

Tomorrow, 8/29, is Skype’s 3rd birthday. Happy birthday, Skype! It is amazing to see how fast you grow.

Skype Blog is currently holding a contest.

“If you want to celebrate our 3rd birthday with us, you don’t have to send us expensive gifts or flowers. But you can send a birthday card. Please e-mail your birthday card to happybirthday@skype.net. It can be a picture, photo, video, just written wishes, anything really. If it’s a picture or video, you can put it on Flickr, YouTube or any other of those Internet things and just send us the link. Please include your Skype Name.”

See the original post at: Skype Blog

Amperordirect.com is glad that we can offer help to this birthday card contest. The winner of the contest will receive a fabulous DUALPhone (a $120 value) from Amperordirect.com. So, let’s bring on your creative hat and send Skype a birthday card!

Here is the birthday card from Amperordirect.com.

The avatars are created by using the Portrait Illustion Maker at http://illustmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml

Click to see some Do_Yo_Know of DUALPhone

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