Can Skype USB Phones work with Google Talk?

Devices to enhance the Google Talk experience:

Google Talk is becoming more and more popular of late, especially among students. We tested several USB phones and adapters while trying to find accessories that will enhance the Google Talk experience. We know that some people prefer to speak through an old-fashioned, regular home phone or cell phone-like device, and we also know that others like to have the freedom to move around while talking.

The compatibility test results so far don’t look very good with the devices we had on hand to test. Like the Google Talk application itself, the supporting software for the devices we used is currently in the early beta-test stage. You can definitely use the USB phones as a microphone and speaker like a normal phone and the volume control buttons on the phones will usually work because they are a hardware switch for the device itself. For some phones, you can even use the call button to make a call, but for most of the devices you still need to operate most of the Google Talk functions from the application on the computer itself.

Test Results:

USB phones from Atcom:

Atcom has not published any software to support Google Talk, yet. Therefore, we can only use the AU-100 and AU-200 as an external sound card. The volume control buttons do work, however the others – such as call, hang-up, and key buttons – don’t work.

USB Phones from Yealink:

Yealink has published the beta version of their GoogleTalkMate software, which works with the P1K. The up-and-down navigation buttons can make the Google Talk application perform a contact search on the computer screen. The call/hang-up buttons will work without any problems.

For other USB phones from Yealink – such as P5D, P8D, and W1D – they can work simply as an external microphone/speaker combination. The call, hang-up, and number buttons on the keypad don’t work at this time with the GoogleTalkMate software.

USB-to-RJ11 phone adapters from Yealink:

The beta version of the GoogleTalkMate software can support the basic device functions, and transfer Skype calls from the computer to a regular phone with the Yealink B2K and B3K(G) units. However, the other functions – such as changing default channels between a PSTN and USB line, or the call forwarding feature in the B3K(G) that can be used while using the Skype application – are not available.

Cordless phones:

Both the RTX DUALPhone and the Linksys CIT200 don’t support Google Talk at all.

Polycomm communicator:

The Polycomm communicator will work as an external microphone/speaker combination, the volume up/down buttons will function, but the other buttons on the communicator won’t.


Currently the Yealink P1K USB phone is the best Google Talk accessory on the market that we have tested. We can use the buttons on the phone itself to perform most of the functions within Google Talk, but since Google Talk does not have phone numbers to dial, the number pad is not necessary. In addition, the voice quality is very good. We will keep monitoring the progress of both GoogleTalk and the devices, and update the test results here as they become available. Keep in touch!

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