SMC Skype Wi-Fi Phone – Preview Part II

Part II – Battery Life test

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Stand-by time

In order to test the stand-by time, we turned on the SMC Skype Wi-Fi phone at 10:00 in the morning and placed it about 30” away from our 802.11g D-Link Wi-Fi router in our office. The product spec says that the phone is designed with 30 Hrs of stand-by time, so we expect to catch the phone running out of battery power on the second day of testing around lunch time. However, when we got into the office at about 8:30am the next day, the battery on the phone had already been drained, showing that the stand-by time of the sample phone is less than 24 Hrs.

Talk time

We used the following testing setup to test the talk time of the SMC Skype Wi-Fi phone.

a. We called the SMC Skype Wi-Fi phone from a computer, and used Pretty May to play non-stop background music to simulate a conversation.

b. We occasionally talked on the phone to activate the microphone.

c. The SMC Skype Wi-fi phone was placed about 30” away from our 802.11g Wi-Fi router.

d. The phone was set at the default volume (3 bars).

The above setup is doing more of testing the battery performance in extreme usage than on-again/off-again calls. Streaming music by Wi-Fi definitely consumes more power than transmitting a normal conversation because the silence that happens in a normal conversation would not be happening in the music streaming. However, the test should still give us a feeling of about how the battery performance should be in the final released phone.

The phone was put in this non-stop talk mode which lasted for 3.5 Hrs before the battery ran down.

During the test, we also noticed several interesting things:

a. The LCD display can turn itself off during the conversation. This is a good power-saving feature that helps in saving some juice.

b. During the conversation, we can active two functions: hold the phone and mute the microphone. We have not found a way to show the remaining battery capacity on the screen during a conversation.

c. After 30 minutes of non-stop use, the phone became a little warm.

d. This phone does a good job of keeping the Wi-Fi connection. In the entire 3.5 hour testing period, the phone only dropped the connection once.

Conclusion for today

The battery life on the SMC Skype Wi-Fi phone sample we have did work close to the manufacturer’s specs. As we all know, to broadcast over Wi-Fi – just like a cell phone over a cell network – the transmitter consumes a lot of power. People who want to use this phone should understand that they need to perform a re-charge to the phone daily.

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9 Responses to “SMC Skype Wi-Fi Phone – Preview Part II”

  1. Winnie the Pooh Says:

    Check out the this url: participate.htm
    There’s a SMC WSKP100 Skype Phone pre-sales going on …

  2. Glauber Says:

    My SMC phone starts complaining of low battery after about 10 minutes of talking. I’m not sure if i have a bad battery or if this is a bogus warning, because after i end the call, some of the battery life seems to come back. It doesn’t look like it would last for 3.5 hours, though. I’d be surprised if it lasted for 30 minutes while in a call.

  3. banshee Says:

    ay carumba!!

  4. Mr. Guiyotinne Says:

    mGlauber, mine too… Can it be that the batteries are lemmons? Maybe a bug?

    I charge it and afer for or five minutes it turns off, then i turn it on and it´s ok, i call again and after the same for or five minutes is off again… Hummm!

  5. amperordirect Says:

    Hello Mr. Guiyutinne

    If you bought this phone from AmperorDirect, please give us a call or send us an email. We will be happy to swap the battery for you.


  6. Mr. Guiyotinne Says:

    Thanks Howard, unfortunately it was a Christmas gift bougth directly from Skype.

    The good news is that i tried both the belkin and Fon firmwares and the battery and turn off problems dissapeared, so it looks more like a software mistake . Anyway, the results are far from perfect because i got some other bugs… Let´s give them time to fix it. I hope the SMC firmware is the right one.

    By now the phone has paid for itself at least once per month (i´m living in Slovakia and my family is from Spain) but if it was in my hand to buy one now i´d wait for another model with more reviews and less problems…

  7. Ken the tech Says:

    How much time it takes to charge the cell battery?

  8. smc Says:

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  9. tv episodes Says:

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    […]SMC Skype Wi-Fi Phone – Preview Part II «[…]…

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