Philips VOIP321 – wait to see the driver update

A product with potential… but lacks quality software support.

Click to download the Philips VOIP321 US version V3.7.0 driver

The wait is over…

The Philips VOIP321 is a highly anticipated dual-function cordless phone in the Skype community that offers the convenience to handle traditional landline calls and the latest Skype technology all in one unit. Additionally, the overall design should meet the needs of many people wanting an “old school” feeling to their phone for their daily VoIP communications. We, AmperorDirect, also want the Philips VOIP321 to eventually get into our product offering line as an alternative Skype cordless phone that offers more features, such as hands-free speakerphone and conference function.

We received a Philips VOIP321 sample last week. Our first impression of the phone was: it has a decent look. The fact that its base unit is separated from the handset cradle is a plus. We can leave the base unit close to the computer and have the handset/cradle placed where it is used the most. The base unit uses DECT technology to communicate with the handset which reduces the chance for this phone to interfere with a Wi-Fi router or other cordless home devices.

The paper manual that comes with the unit covers the installation and basic operations, but for a detailed user guide, we need to look to the CD to find it. The Philips VOIP321 is a USB plug-and-play device so it’s not difficult to follow the on-screen installation wizard and go through the whole setup process. During the install, we found that a potential issue may be that the wizard points us to the official Skype site to download the latest version of the Skype software. If Philips cannot keep up with the speed that Skype updates its software – and we know how often that is – it could be a problem.

DualPhone Features and Quality

The first thing we tested was the phone’s ability to make landline calls. The communication quality is almost identical to my Panasonics KX-T7453, which is a proven digital desktop phone solution. The voice quality is good and the person we are talking to can hear our voice very clearly. We also compared the hands-free speakerphone performance of the Philips VOIP321 to the Panasonic KX-T7453. Although the speakerphone on the latter is a little louder, the overall performance is the same.

Then, we moved on to test the Philips VOIP321’s ability to make Skype calls. We wanted to call the Skype echo123 testing center to run a basic test, however, things started to go downhill from here. The Philips VOIP321 can show all of your online Skype contacts on the handset screen, but it cannot pick up a call that was started through the computer itself. If the call was not started through the phone, the phone does not acknowledge that it exists. So, we needed to add the Skype testing center into my contact list on my computer. However, the newly added contact won’t show up on the handset screen until we restart the computer. (We’ve waited for 5 minutes and it still did not re-synchronize.) It sounds to us like the phone is not setup to check for updates in the Skype contact list in the computer very often.

RTX’s DUALPhone still King… for now.

The worst thing of all during our testing happened when we finally went through the whole adding-a-contact-and-restart-computer process. The Skype call would go through, the person on the other side could hear our voice, but we could not hear anything through the handset. All the sound device settings on the Windows control panel and the Skype tool bar are pointed to the Philips VOIP321, and are not muted. WE JUST COULD NOT HEAR ANYTHING THROUGH THE HANDSET! We have tried several things, such as removing the VOIP321 application from the computer start-up list, run the program manually both before Skype started on a re-boot, and after Skype started from a clean boot, or quit-and-re-load Skype while the phone was connected. Even after all of that, only one thing would make the phone work: On boot, un-plugging the USB connector of the phone from the computer and re-connecting it again. This is very inconvenient indeed to a user whose computer’s USB port is not easy to get to.

What makes the situation even worse is that after we checked the Philips support page, the drivers on the site are an older version: V3.5.0 (The driver on the installation CD is V3.7.0) so there is no hope of solving the problem from the manufacturer’s site just yet.

The voice quality of the Skype calls is actually fairly good, but after we cycled the USB connection and made the phone work. It is slightly below the high standards set by the RTX DUALphone, but can match the Linksys CIT200 for voice quality. Philips just needs to fix the issues we ran into before it will become a good alternative to making Skype calls. However, until Philips fixes the problem, it would be better to buy an RTX DUALphone if you really want a 2-in-1 Skype phone.

(The testing computer has Windows XP SP2, Skype 2.5.130, and Philips VOIP321 V3.7.0 driver installed.)

Click here to go to RTX DUALphone product page.

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64 Responses to “Philips VOIP321 – wait to see the driver update”

  1. Philippe Demeyer Says:

    This telephone is a distaster. It would just not work. Yes I can access my Skype contact list from the telephone and make a call but no sound comes or goes through the phone. It goes via the computer’s speakers and mike ! Useless. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the softxare many times to no avail. What is worse is that the VOIP321 does NOT appear on the Windows sound control panel. I also have a big question mark in front of the phone in the material list and a problem identified as “driver missing”. Reinstalling the older veriosn of the driver (3.5.0 available from thewebsite) does not solve the problem. After spending a long to time of the Philips support line at a prohibitive cost, the situation is the same. The Philips support quality is appaling. I have now a Skype phone that only works as a landline phone and no clue how to solve the problem.

  2. amperordirect Says:

    That is too bad.

    At leaset, I can make my Philips VOIP321 work by cycling the USB connection.

    After receiving your email, I try the trick again, today. Actually, the trick work for me not only in the Windows booting up stage. It works after the booting up is done.

    Hope this can do you some help.

  3. dupondje Says:

    I just bought the Phone also, but i can’t use it for skype, the software doesn’t see the phone! could maby somebody send me the latest version of the software ? i only have 3.5.0 !
    Mail it to info at dupondje dot be


  4. amperordirect Says:

    Hello Dupondje

    Tomorrow, I’ll ask our webmaster to put it on our file server. (He is out today.) I’ll post the link here so that you can download it.

    Best Regards
    Howard Chang

  5. dupondje Says:

    Is he still away ? 😀 else just mail it to me ?

  6. amperordirect Says:

    Hello Dupondje

    Our webmaster has helped me made an ISO file for the installation disc. However, it is 130Mb. I’m not allowed to put such a big file on our file server.

    If you are in US, I can send you a copy of the installation CD, for free. Just let me know the address.

    If you are not in US, please try to contact Philips. Besides, for the DECT phone, US uses the different frequency. I don’t know if the US version software includes any difference to do so.

    Best Regards
    Howard Chang

  7. dupondje Says:

    I don’t live in the US 😦
    But maby i can set up a ftp @ home so u can send it to me ? Just mail me to let me know, and i set one up !

    THX in advance

  8. amperordirect Says:

    Hello dupondje

    Sorry for the delay. I finally found a free file server that I can use. See the post at:

    Let me know if you can use the link or not.

    Best Regards
    Howard Chang

  9. dupondje Says:

    THX alot dude, i was able to download & burn the file, now i’m going to try it tomorrow 😀

  10. amperordirect Says:

    I’m glad I can help. Let me know if it works.

    BTW, where do you live now?

  11. dupondje Says:

    I’m from belgium 😛

    And I still try to get it working, without luck 😦

  12. Tim Says:

    I initially had no sound but I checked the default audio devices and they had reverted back to the Philips VOIP setting. Once I put them back to the internal soundcard everything has worked perfectly since.

    This is a fantastic device once you get over this initial hiccup. Perservere folks!

  13. ronnie Says:

    Hi. I have been watching this forum for an update of how things are now. It is interesting to see that someone has got it to work OK. I have asked a similar question on the Skype Forum but no one has asnwered. This has led me to feel that either the problem is not a general one, or that people do not know the answers.

    Tim in his last post seems to be the ONLY POSTIVE reaction to getting it to work on ANY forum, including Skype. But Tim, can you please be more detailed in how you did it and what Verion of Skype and Philips Drivers are you now using to get it to work? I live in the UK and part of the problem may well be we all live in different parts of the world. It should not make a difference, but maybe it does?

    I did ask on Skype a simple question. It seems to me that you HAVE TO INSTALL the Skype on the CD and this is a much lower version than now available on Skype (ie the CD installed it as ( The Philips site shows Driver as V3.6. On the CD it states Version 1.0.
    All very confusing!! Why does it have to be so difficualt to get what is a simple bit of equipment to work?? I have been working with Video/Audio/Photography for many years and never found anything like this before!! why?

    I know that Amperordirect are active on the Skype Forum and would welcome their input on this phone and their findings, Also Tim details of what you did to get it to work to say it is “A fantastic Device once you get over the initial hiccups” That is what I and I expect everyone what to say about it.

    One last point. The main reason I got this phone is because I have my computers all PC’s in my Studio upstairs, I have one set up just to keep running with Skype, but what I wanted to do was have a facility where I could have the phone with me anywhere withing range and so when I got a call I would know by looking at the phone. Now what I at present see as a problem is that I cannot answer the call on my phone and then got to the PC to continue the call. You may ask why I want to continue on the PC. Well other than the fact that so far the sound on my PC is FAR BETTER than then Skype phone, I also want to use the Webcam as they are calls from my Grandchildren in a different country. But unless I am wrong(hope I am) you cannot do this and all you can use the phone for is to let you hear that someone has called and see who it is. Than rush upstairs to the PC to start the conversation.

    Sorry this is a long post, but I really feel that all points raised are very important to users of this phone. All the best, ronnie.

    PS you can see any post I do on Skype Forum as ronnie, I will be carrying out further test, but please Tim, HOW DID YOU DO IT????

  14. "Another Tim" Says:

    Maybe you need to be called “Tim” 😉

    I had no problems with the setup. I even expected some fiddling with sound settings, but none were needed.

    I have been looking for a driver update, but it would seem that I got the right one (V.3.7.0) first time – purchased on Aug 1st.

    The CD that I got had Skype 2.0 and I upgraded Skype more or less straight back again because I like the SMS feature. I’m using Skype and it works fine.

    Try digging into your Skype options under Privacy / API access. There should be a listing for VOIP321 that is allowed access to the Skype API.

    Regarding video: When I use the handset to make / receive Skype calls, the Skype program pops-up, so I would expect that you can chat on the handset whilst you walk to the PC and then switch on the camera.

    Good Luck.
    Tim S.

  15. ronnie Says:

    Thanks Tim. Where do you live? is it USA as I thought the V3.7.0 was only meant for there.

    I must say that I am pleased with the phone as a Landline, it has a very long distance use, I went about 50metres from my home at is was still very clear and good quality sound.

    The Sound for Skype is not so clear and I do get a hissing sound, but, this improves a great deal when on turn on the phones speaker. So it may be I need to adjust my volume on PC to overcome the phone hissing in normal use.

    Regarding using Webcam, Philips support have informed me that it can be used with the phone as it should come on when I answer on the phone. Have not tried this yet.

    However Philips support have stated that you cannot change Audio facilities during a call, ie if there is no PC audio only phone, you cannot change it if a call is already started. I pointed out to them that this subject comes up a lot on Forums asking why. I have told Philips maybe their own question and answer section on their website may cause this confusion as they show how to do it both for computer and phone, but they do not state you cannot have both at the same time. I have again asked them to clarify this.

    To be honest, I must admit that I do not now see this as a problem ie that you cannot have it on both at the same time because it would cause feedback and create an echo effect. I guess it is quite normal to answer your phone and unless you want to have webcam use, there is no need to go to the computer. Especially now as Philips say that the webcam will still function, it will just have it microphone disabled.

    So maybe Tim, I will soon be like you a happy user, but I still maintain that between them Skype and Philips could have a better liasion to make setting up easier and less complex.

    Incidently, I have not experienced any problems as expressed in some earlier post made here that the phone does not pick up on contacts added on the skype, it has been ok for me and it certainly allows you to make a test call on the phone.

    Would still like to hear what others feel about this phone, good and bad, especially if you live in the UK. All the best, ronnie.

  16. Abdu Says:

    I seem to have a problem with the sound in my computer whenever i plug in the phone usb plug! the sound just disappears and comes back only when i unplug the phone.
    any solution floating around ?

  17. ronnie Says:

    Hi Abdu. I feel that is the only way to do it. I have contacted Philips about this and also Skype as I consider that Philips are misleading people with their questions and answers on these problems on their website. ie they show how to overcome the problem if there is no Audio on the computer or the phone. Reading can lead people to think that you should have both at the same time, I have asked them to correct this and if you cannot than it should say so.

    However, I really do believe that it is not unreasonable to only have one at a time, after all THIS IS NORMAL. I have always understood and in fact found that if you plug in an external speaker/microphone/hradphones etc it will always overide the default Audio system. Remove the external item and it comes back. In fact if you did have both working at the same time you would almost certainly get distorted sounds due to feedback etc.

    Some people have mentioned on this sort of problem that it becomes a problem as each time you change from external to system audio you have to restart the computer. Well I have never found this to be needed, just unplug it. The only problem is if you do not have easy access to the usb socket on the computer ie like not having any front usb slots and it is difficult to get to the back. Answer get a usu extention and bring out more usb slots. Although it suggest the phone may not work with this method mine certainly does.

    I hope this helps and when I get an official answer from Philips, I will post back on this and other issues I have asked them about this phone.

    All the best, ronnie

  18. Tim S Says:

    Ronnie: I’m in the UK. I purchased the phone in a large retail chain store on 1st Aug, 2006 and v3.7.0 was on the enclosed CD.

  19. Abdu Says:

    Thanks for your reply Ronnie…
    The thing is…when I plug in the usb cord, the sound on the computer stops period ! even if the phone is on stand by. I cannot listen to music or anything with sound unless i unplug it.

    is there a driver update of something of some sort ?

    thanks again 🙂

  20. ronnie Says:

    Hi Abdu. Sorry for delayed reply I have been away. As I mentioned before. All the time you have an external aduio sauce connected, it is most unlikely that you will get coumpuer audio, even if the phone is just on stand by.

    Regarding an update to overcome this only Philips can answer or resolve the problem. As the phone is a USB connection to the computer and not actually connected to the computers external Audio connections I am sure it is technically possible to overcome this problem. But, it does seem as though it is a general problem as so many people report this. The Philips site does show you how to overcome it, but as I mentioned elsewhere, I have asked Philips to confirm just what they mean by their statements.
    All I can do is wait for an answer and as no one else has come up with a solution I guess what I have said is correct. Time will tell.

    Sorry cannot be more positive now, all the best, ronnie.

  21. Darian Says:

    Guys – have not had much problem here is Australia running 3.7. The only issue I have is when the machine is rebooted my sound setting in Skype change to the Philipps option. with this on I can call using the handset but no sound or mic is enabled at the PC. Its an easy fix as I just change it back to the Nvidia sound controller and then all is OK. Its just frustrating that everytime I reboot I have to change it. If anyone knows a fix please let me know. Im running the latest verion of Skype and running Beta on my laptop and no problems. Its a great phone and Im enjoying it.

  22. Andreas Says:

    Hi everyone ! I got my phone yesterday and it seem to work fine here. There is a new version of the driver (3.7.2) on the homepage. And I downloaded the “Installation CD Content” with nearly 90MBs from there, too. The Skype version in that file is I had some trouble with sound quality with the 2.6 betas so I went back to Otherwise no problems at all with the installation. I’ve tested the video option. Video works fine with me on the VOIP321. You can’t change the Audio-Settings in Skype, however, during a call. So if you want to change to the headset you have to hang up, change the setting and redail. Just for the record: I got the VOIP321 from Amazon Germany and am using it now in the Middle East.

  23. jaap Says:

    hello how are you? can i get some help here as well?
    anyway ……….while installing my voipphone i accidently choose that program not to interfere withe the skype program …how can i deactivate this again? thanks jaap.

  24. Andreas Says:

    Hi Jaap,
    go to Options / Privacy / Manage other programs’ access to Skype /

    There you can edit the setting for the VOIP321
    That schould do it.

  25. jaap Says:

    hello Andreas , how are you?
    Cool , thanks for your help ! all the best Jaap.

  26. Fonzie Says:

    Hi guys,
    I have just purchased the VOIP321 and I am having problems using it in skype mode. Landline mode works well. I can pick up an incoming skype call with the handset, but the audio is only on the PC. The phone speaker is silent as if it was muted, and I cannot be heard from the handset microphone.

    I can also make outgoing skype call via the handset,but again, the audio is all via the PC. I am running the Philips supplied software and driver that came on the package CD and it is version The USB phone driver is version 3.7.3.

    When I goto Windows XP device manager I can see the Voip321 under “Other devices” and it has a ? over it. It says the driver is not loaded, yet it says it is when I right-click on the USB Phone Dirver icon in the system tray. This is all so confusing!

    Any help would be gretly appreciated.

    I am in Sydney, Australia.


  27. Nigel Mawer Says:

    Hi all, just like you to know that I have Skype version and VOIP Driver version which came on CD. Firslty let me say I´ve found the phone to be excellent. I´ve been lucky it worked out of the box. As far as install goes all I can say is that the Transmitter terminal was plugged in to USB all through and not just after installing the drivers as is the case with most USB devices. Driver starts on Windows startup, it´ll either appear in your tray, or if the terminal is unplugged a message should appear. If none of these things happen Look in Task Manager in Processes tab for VOIP321.exe, if not there click Start/Tun and type msconfig and ENTER, this´ll allow you to select your startup processes, just to make sure it´s there.

    One final point, I´ve noticed thay some people have problems in that the sound comes out of the speakers instead of the phone. Well I´ve found that it may be a driver problem, not the phone. You see If I have some music or other sound playing at the moment the terminal usb cord is plugged in, the phone only picks up the Skype calls audio. If I plug it in without any sound currently playing ALL system sounds go through the handset. Also as soon as the sound or music which was playing in the previouse example finishes, ALL subsequent sounds are channeled through the handset.

    Not sure if that´s something that anyone has noticed or sorted out, but it may be a place to start looking.

    Also, not sure if it matters but installed the CD version of Skypr before updating to latest one.

    Well hope this has been some help and you can get sorted. If I can be of any help I´ll try, you can use my personal email as I rarely check forum posts.

  28. Nigel Mawer Says:

    Just noticed, there is an option in Skype, at least the latest version.

    Go to Tools / Options / Sound Devices and we have a listing for the normal soundcard and the VOIP321 driver.

    Sorry if I´m repeating what other people have said, but I can´t be arsed to read all the posts.

  29. Nigel Mawer Says:

    Well just found something else out in case it helps. As I previously stated my problem was that all the ssystem sounds went through the handset. Well my wife is talking now and if I played some music she would here it rthrough the handset whilst through the PC speakers no sound could be heard.

    Entered into Control Panel / Sound Devices

    Click audio tab and select your normal sound card for your default device, select ‘Use only default devices’ and Apply. I left the phone driver and skype running, restarted Media Player and now I can listen to my music through the speakers while my wife uses the phone for a skype call without having to disconnect the call, the usb cable or reboot.

    Well hope this helps someone, I can´t be the only lucky one.

  30. Nigel Mawer Says:

    Also unclicked the auto adjust device configuration in Skype audio.

    Well these config changes have worked for me, now I can root Skype call sounds through handset and all other system sounds through PC speakers.

    Tried the following to test
    Closed media player
    Unplugged the USB
    Plugged in USB cable
    Started a test call, call heard through handset
    Started media player, with some music and music heard only through PC speakers as desired.

    Problem solved.

    Well as I say if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me, email above. I know how anoying it is to get something that doesn´t work straight out of the box, i.e. Linux.

    Best of luck to all.

  31. Paul Says:

    Have been using the phone for about a month now and like it overall … but have a few questions about features:

    1. When I reboot my computer, the VOIP321 software loads before the Skype software which results in the VOIP321 software reporting an error of “no skype device detected.” I have been using the work around of just re-executing the VOIP321 software once the reboot cycle is complete (and Skype is opened automatically). This works, but I would rather have it load the VOIP321 software automatically.

    Any ideas? Can I add a delay to the VOIP321 software’s execution?
    Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    2. THIS IS MY MAIN CONCERN! If I initiate a Skype call from my VOIP321 phone, there is no issue … the call works correctly (I sorted through the sound issues I have read in this forum via trial & error – I think!). Unfortunately, I cannot initiate a call via my PC and then use my Skype phone (no sounds are heard in/out of the phone) … which leaves me using a headset for all PC initiated calls.

    Additionally, I am forced to save every number into the Skype address book and then access it from the phone … I cannot just dial a number from the VOIP321 phone itself!

    Please assist! What am I doing wrong?

  32. Paul Says:

    Any news and/or response?

    Very interested in sorting out this issue

  33. Johan Says:

    I have Philips VOIP321, and it has been working just perfect from first installation day.

    I can dial any skype from contact list or skype oout direct from the handset, I receive calls from any of my SkypeIn numbers and it is all displayed correctly.
    To be able to receive or dial Skype calls on one handset while the other one is used for regular phone also works perfect, impressive.

    The handsfree fetature if the handsets works perfect and eliminates the need for mic and headset, when using the web cam in the calls.

  34. Michael Says:

    When I reboot my computer with the VOIP321 plugged in to the USB slot, the operating system freezes in the initial startup screen, at the point where it is looking for a CD/DVD in drive D:

    This took me a long time to work out. It was very worrying to have a computer that wouldn’t boot up. In fact it would boot up after about 20-30 attempts at turning the computer on and off, and I thought I had a computer hardware problem.

    Now I know I just have to pull the VOIP 321 out of the USB slot whenever I boot up, and then plug it back in as soon as Windows is up and running. I can live with this solution, but a seamless solution would be nicer.

    Otherwise, I’m very happy with the phone.

  35. Helene Says:

    [quote]# Paul Says:
    April 28th, 2007 at 8:26 pm

    2. THIS IS MY MAIN CONCERN! If I initiate a Skype call from my VOIP321 phone, there is no issue … the call works correctly (I sorted through the sound issues I have read in this forum via trial & error – I think!). Unfortunately, I cannot initiate a call via my PC and then use my Skype phone (no sounds are heard in/out of the phone) … which leaves me using a headset for all PC initiated calls.

    Additionally, I am forced to save every number into the Skype address book and then access it from the phone … I cannot just dial a number from the VOIP321 phone itself!

    Please assist! What am I doing wrong?


    You can dial a number and then press “S” key on your phone and it will dial through skype. As the initiation problem, there is no solution right now.

  36. cojocaru Says:


  37. jana Says:


    i got my phone yesterday and i have no idea how it works.
    do i just need the usb cord or also the phone cord… i don#t know.

    and if i press the skype button on my phone it always says “contacts unavailable” i hope anybody can help me.
    because i´m really desperate and nobody is able to help me.


  38. Coldwaterjohn Says:

    The Philips 321 will not pick up a skype or skypeout call you initiate on your p.c. It has to be initiated on the phone itself.

    Frequently the VOIP321 driver goes out of sync with the pc, and you find that the phone shows “connection unavailable” to your skype software. The various solutions offered include plugging and unplugging the USB connection, and rebooting your p.c. – the hassle factor is significant, and I am tempted to bin it, and revert to a good quality logitech USB headset…which works first time, every time…

  39. marcia Chandler Says:

    I bought four vo1p321 phones for Christmas presents to date we have not been able to use them, i also found the support staff useless and still do not have the driver to operate the skype phone, i now have two land phones, it looks good, but it is unable to undertake the task that i have bought it for, can anyone help with my driver problem,?

  40. Jill List Says:


    My Philips VOIP 321 phones work beautifully, but now I cannot get any sound from my computer’s speakers, so am unable to play any videos or CDs. Any suggestions?

  41. sandy brill Says:

    I haver had these phones for over a year now and i have recently updated the drivers from the Philips site. They are still rubbish, and tech support are as bad as their phones!

    Do not waste your money on these…sadly i have no advice for an alternative at the moment, butthese really are the worst…even when they work the sound quality is so bad it is allmost painful!

  42. Bryan Searle Says:

    I have this phone and its just great. A bad workman always blames his tools. Look at you set up of you computers sound system. Go to the Phillips site and put in the search box VOIP321 drivers and a window will come up that looks like a PDF page. It says HERE. Which is where you download your new drivers. You must UNINSTALL your previous software before you install the new. I am now on driver V3.8.3 which is the latest and worked straight away after installation. Some who complain maybe using old computers with very little memory?

  43. rob Says:


  44. BruceB Says:

    I recently brought a Philips VoIP321 twin pack and have discovered the issue mentioned in earlier posts with the VoIP321 taking over the sound settings in Skype itself. Does anyone know of a permanent fix that does not involve unplugging devices if you want to actually use the audio etc on your computer rather than use the philips phone ?. I have downloaded and installed the latest version from Philips and also have the latest version of Skype installed but the problem still exists.
    I noticed that these posts started around August 2006 concerning this problem, and I find it a bit alarming that 2 years later the problem still exists and Philips don’t seem to have resolved the issue. The instruction manual indicates that Skype will use the windows default settings, however with the VoIP321 installed they take over, even though windows default settings are corrently identified as my soundcard etc in my computer.
    I also have an older Skype RTX Dualphone that I removed when I installed the VoIP321 phone, and the old RTX has always worked perfectly allowing me to make or receive calls through my computer or the RTX phone without any hiccups and no changing of sound settings, the only reason I replaced it was because I wanted the speakerphone facility. This also suggests that that it is the Philips software that is causing the hiccups as the older RTX works perfectly with Skype and doesn’t change the default settings. If I can’t find a solution for this shortly then I may consider re-installing the old Skype RTX Dual Phone – not happy Joyce

  45. David Freitas Says:

    Hey BruceB.,

    go to philips website and download the latest driver. I found that they driver that came on the CD-Rom with the phone switched all sound settings while the VOIP 321 software was running. Newer versions of the drivers eliminated that issue. Be sure to uninstall old driver prior to installing new one.

    Quick tip: for super clear calls, go to Task Manager click on Processes Tab, search for Skype.exe. Right click on it, go to Set priority and set it as Above Normal. It will give you a warning, but I have been using it without any issues.

  46. BruceB Says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your advice and am currently testing the Super Clear Calls option you mentioned above, so far so good. Do you lose the Above Normal priority when you reboot the PC ?, I haven’t done a reboot yet as I usually leave it running 24/7.

    Also, not sure if I’m doing something wrong or missed anything but I still have the same issues with VoIP321 switching the Skype settings. The current version of VoIP321 I have is V3.8.3, is this the same version you are running ?

    To uninstall, I located the VoIP321 driver in device manager under USB Audio and removed the drivers, plus I physically uninstalled all VoIP321 software, I then installed using the downloaded file only, however I still have the same issue.

    Did I miss something or is there anything else you can suggest ?


  47. Lantrix Says:

    David: be careful with the latest driver and Skype Version (Release date: November 19, 2008). It seems to break the software side of this product rendering it useless for Skype Use. The only viable solution is to rollback if you did upgrade.

  48. alex Says:

    solution to dail directly from handset via skype
    using: +areacode tele number, press and hold 0 on the panel to input +.
    for example, I’m in australia, I wanna call a cell 0433100000
    I will just call +61433100000 then press “s”

  49. Tech Debug Says:

    Philips VOIP321 no longer works with Skype or later…

    I’ve been having a conversation on a Skype bug reporting forum, and it came to a conclusion that the Philips VOIP321 Skype Phone is just not worth purchasing. I’m an owner of a Philips VOIP321 phone, and until December 2008 it worked fine. …

  50. buy cordless phone Says:

    Thank you for best information.

  51. Nathaniel(USA) Says:

    I too have had no luck with this phone or the associated software. I cannot seem to get the drivers to install. I would like to install them manually, but their is no associated .inf file to tell what dll is what. As a software developer all I can say is great job ! If you need help making a .inf driver file it’s ok to admit it. I’d be happy to send you some basic info to get you started. Also, anyone out there who has installed the driver’s not the phone software, but the actually drivers could you please check to see if the installer creates a .inf file I could use to get this to install.

    This is me saying that if I released a product this buggy I’d loose my job.

  52. luca Says:

    Philips VOIP321

    I use the drivers 3.8.3 but not working with Windows 7 disbonibile are an update?

  53. Skypechik Says:

    Iam highly satisfied with this phone. I would like to find a software to deal with the inside memory of it (adress list, caller list,). Does anyone heared about it?

  54. Codeplayer Says:

    I bought 10 of those RTX dualphones 1,5 years ago, 9 of them have broken displays for now. Some show only one row, some show weird ascii-characters on screen. They still work though. The RTX phone has some great features, which Philips has not: 1st, if you called someone accidentally through landline, you can call the same number again with voip, simply by pressing different green button to call. Another great feature is, that you can start the call from your computer and then simply “connect” your phone by pressing the voip green button. And if you don’t drop it on the floor, the display stays ok also. so I would reccommend the RTX. I also bought 11 of the Philips Voip321 phones. They work great. Only one of them is attached to Windows 7 64-bit version and while skype is started by the Voip-driver, you can not drag-drop files in your computer, not even from explorer to outlook. I have been hgaveing this problem for quite while now, but it might be my own fault. So I still reccommend them also, they have polyphonic nice ringtones too, you know 😛

  55. Geoffrey McRae Says:

    For those that want to get this beasty to work under linux without skype, I have started on an open source userspace driver using libusb.

    It can already set the online status of the phone and make it ring.

  56. Eduardo Says:

    hi.. do you upload driver again? please! i need! thxx!

  57. Says:

    Can someone let me know if they have a problem with the phone ringing? I have had to plug in an old landline to hear the ringing otherwise there is nothing. I can still make calls out and have a dial tone.

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