Yealink P4K – A Solid Desktop Skype Phone

A solid Skype USB telephone that actually works exactly as advertised!

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The Yealink P4K USB Skype phone comes in a nicely (secure) four color cardboard box. Unlike some OEM boxes, this box is ready for gift giving! Items included in the box:

* P4K Desktop USB Phone
* USB Cable
* CD Drivers and Software
* Installation/Instruction Manual


The phone we tested is two-toned (dark gray and light gray) and would fit perfectly within any professional setting.

The P4K USB phone also comes with a long 6 ft. USB cable. This allows the phone to be place away from your computer without any problems.

Immediately noticeable is the big two-line LCD display. Included in the display is the month, date, time and running clock. If a Skype call comes in the display changes color and the callerID is shown. Very nicely done!

Speaker and Mic volumes are fine out of the box, but you might need to tweak SkypeMate to meet your own personal requirements. However, the base feature of ‘mic’ and ‘headset’ are fine in this phone — there is no noticeable noise or echo issues.

So, are there any negatives? Not many, and you might think we nitpick. The first improvement we would suggest would be a higher sound level for playing Skype voicemail. Pushing the ‘VOL+’ button helps, but it seems that the setting is not kept each time you play voice mail.

Also, the telephone cord seems to tangle a bit faster than we have seen on other phones — but this is probably a result of how often we have used this phone.

[Note: This phone was tested using Skype and Yealink’s SkypeMate software]


We are beyond happy with the Yealink P4K telephone — including the look and feel, sound quality, and overall experience. If you need a good desktop kitchen or professional office phone, the P4K is a solid solution. (Just make sure to download the latest Yealink Software!)

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